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When to Remodel vs. Buy a New House in San Diego

When to remodel compared to purchasing a new home in san diego DCarson Construction

We all live in San Diego for a reason; the 300+ days of sunshine, the minimal traffic (compared to our neighbors up north), the beautiful beaches, and relaxed culture to name a few. But the truth is, a lot of…

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What is considered low maintenance landscaping?

artificial turf installation in scripps ranch

Artificial turf is not considered low maintenance. Most people are under the assumption that artificial turf is low maintenance landscaping. Unfortunately, this is not accurate. Low maintenance landscaping is actually landscaping that doesn’t require weekly or bi-weekly continual maintenance. It…

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5 Ways to Conserve Water in your Garden & Landscaping

When considering which plants to use in your garden or landscaping, it important to consider water consumption, especially when you live in Southern California. Here are a few simple suggestions on how to conserve water in your garden or landscaping….

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5 Things to Consider Before Building a House

Congratulations, you have taken the first step in building your new custom home, the research step! The process of designing and building a custom home is both thrilling and life-changing. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming and frustrating if the…

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